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Welcome to MDWAV Trilogy - Forever Legend

Welcome to...
MDWAV Trilogy - Forever Legend

我和殭屍有個約會部落 - 天馬的永恆傳奇

My Date With A Vampire is by far aTV's most successful series of all time, even now, many years after the trilogy had ended, Tin Yau and Siu Ling's love and believe still touch the heart of many today. I have created this blog in the loving memories of Tin Yau, Siu Ling, Fuk Sun, Chun Chun, and so many unforgettable characters from the drama. If you're unfamiliar with the series, let this blog introduce you to the world filled with love, dedication and ultimate will power. If you're a fan like me, then let this blog refresh your love for this unforgettable series, let Tin Yau, Siu Ling, and their love forever be engraved in our hearts!

I'm really grateful I gave this series a chance, Chan Sap Sam and his fellow scriptwriters really did a brilliant job writing the script, the story can touch one's heart. The chemistry between Joey Meng and Eric Wan remain transcendent today, and the story of Siu Ling and Tin Yau continues...

Sure bring back many wonderful memories. Hope everyone likes this site!

Created on: December 13, 2007
Official Launch: December 25, 2007
Last Updated: May 2010
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