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My Date With A Vampire II - 2000

MDWAV2 Summary

At the beginning of time, when the world was in chaos, Goddess Nui Wo (played by Ruby Wong) created humankind, Nui Wo fixed everything for the humans and restored the peace on Earth, giving them a chance to start over. Unfortunately, the humans did not treasure the chance Nui Wo gave them, most people on Earth eventually evolved into greedy and selfish human beings, leading them to their own destruction. Goddess Nui Wo used her greatest powers to rid the world of the five evilness within humans: jealousy, resentment, hate, confusion, and undesirable love. Earth is once again cleansed and revived with hope. However, the good days does not last long, the five sins soon returned to the heart of humans. Nui Wo is heartbroken but decided to give the humans one last chance. By the arrivial of the new millennium, if the humans are still ignorant and continue to hurt each other, then Goddess Nui Wo will destroy the world. The Goddess then concealed herself and vowed to return by 2001, the time of the new millennium. Vampire king Shin Cho (played by Simon Yam) witnessed the Goddess' love and efforts towards the human kind and has fallen in love with her. Ever since the Goddess concealed herself, the vampire king has also entered into a deep sleep, awaiting for the return of the Goddess.

Year 2000, one year before the return of Goddess Nui Wo, Hong Kong police Fong Tin Yau (played by Eric Wan) and Ma Siu Ling (played by Joey Meng), the fortieth descendant of the vampire slaying Ma family, have fallen for each other. Tin Yau later gets killed in England, his look-a-like grandfather (also played by Eric Wan), a vampire who got bitten by the vampire king sixty years ago have replaced him as Tin Yau upon returning Hong Kong. At the same time, television producer Szeto Fan Yan (played by Kenneth Chan) developed special feelings towards Siu Ling's long time best friend Wong Chun Chun (played by Kristy Yang), the only problem is...the one Chun Chun loves is Tin Yau. Szeto was actually created from the DNA of Yamamoto Katsuo (also played by Kenneth Chan), ex-president of the Yat-Tung corporation. Szeto thinks he has special powers and is able to save people on the edge of dying, but he later discovered that all his special powers is caused by his brain tumor.

There has been many cases of vampire killing recently, the mastermind behind it all is Shizu Domoto (played by Berg Ng), the current president of Yat-Tung corporation. The vampire king has awoken and turned Domoto into a vampire. Domoto loves Kam Mirai (played by Pinky Cheung) and turned her into a vampire also, together they gave birth to Nei Lok (played by Joey Leung), their son. Szeto doesn't want to die and decides to become a vampire, at the same time Chun Chun is killed by Domoto. Szeto is devastated, he couldn't save Chun Chun in time.

The naive vampire king thinks that by turning everyone into vampires, then the world won't have to be destroyed by the Goddess upon her return. Tin Yau and Siu Ling are awaiting for the return of the Goddess, hoping that the power of their love can overpower her. The vampire king is also waiting for the Goddess, he prepared a big banquet and hopes to get married with the Goddess. When the new millennium arrives, will it be the time of world destruction, or the end of the vampire king and his Goddess?

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