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My Date With A Vampire I - 1998

MDWAV1 Summary

Prelude - Year 1938, at the time of World War II, when the Japanese invaded China, guerrilla leader Fong Kwok Wah (played by Eric Wan) and Japanese lieutenant Yamamoto Katsuo (played by Kenneth Chan) battle out one on one. Wah tries his best to protect Fong Fuk Sun, the young son of his fellow neighbor; in the end all three are heavily wounded. At the point of death, the vampire king, Cheung Sun, shows up and turns the three into vampires. Vampire slayer Ma Da Na (played by Joey Meng) shows up and forces the vampire king to retreat, at the same time, Yamamoto, Wah and Sun have also disappeared. Na knows that those who got bit by the vampire king will turn into vampires themselves, she foreshadows the danger yet to come.

Year 1998, Hong Kong, Criminal Investigation officer Fong Tin Yau (also played by Eric Wan) manages to solve the most difficult cases out there. No one knows how he does it, but this is beacause Yau is actually Wah, the guerrilla leader who got bitten sixty years ago. Yau and Sun are now vampires who possess out of the ordinary powers and abilities. Yau and Sun has lived together ever since that night with the vampire king, and have bonded like father and son. Yau's biggest wish is for Sun to turn back into a normal person, experience life and death, living a normal life like everyone else.

At this time, the descendant of Ma Da Na and the vampire slaying and ghost buster family, Ma Siu Ling (also played by Joey Meng) and her best friend Wong Chun Chun (played by Kristy Yang) are in Japan, Siu Ling has recently accepted an offer made by a Japanese company to help them rid a ghost. The ghost took over Chun Chun's body as hostage, but Chun Chun is eventually saved by Tin Yau, who happened to be on a trip in Japan at the time. Chun Chun developed special feelings for Tin Yau, but Tin Yau is no longer interested in developing a new relationship after all these years, this saddens Chun Chun. Returning to Hong Kong, as a coincidence, Tin Yau moves into the building which Chun Chun lives in. Originally, Tin Yau wanted to move again, but Fuk Sun really likes Chun Chun and begs Tin Yau to stay. Tin Yau unwillingly agrees.

The building has been haunted by ghosts also, Siu Ling is hired to eliminate the ghosts. Resident Sister Kam and her son Kam Ching Chung (played by Chapman To) are upset with Siu Ling, they are afraid Siu Ling will take away all their business, it turns out they are ghost busters like Siu Ling, except, they're only frauds. Later when their secret is revealed, Ching Chung becomes the disciple of Siu Ling, learning how to become a real ghost buster. In the process of eliminating the ghosts, Tin Yau and Siu Ling develop special feelings towards each other, but are reluctant to accept each other. At the same time, Chun Chun's feelings towards Tin Yau have also grown stronger under Fuk Sun's influence, this cause the three to be entangled in a love triangle. Tin Yau have also found Yamamoto, unlike Tin Yau, Yamamoto feeds on living humans, which strengthened his vampire powers. Together Yamamoto and his followers Ken (played by Berg Ng), Herman, Pik Ka, and his daughter Yamamoto Mirai (played by Pinky Cheung) have arrived in Hong Kong, they've come for Tin Yau, to settle business that was meant to be dealt with sixty years ago. Yamamoto wants to turn the entire world into a world for vampires, Tin Yau tries his best to stop Yamamoto. July 1999, the time when the prophecy foreshadowed to be the end of the world, Tin Yau and Yamamoto's battle officially begins...

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