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My Date With A Vampire III - 2004

MDWAV3 Summary

It has been estimated that everyday 78.3 legends are forgotten. Some say it's because modern parents are too busy, they no longer have the time to read bedtime stories to their children. Some say that people don't believe in legends or myths anymore, they don't believe the heroes in those legends ever existed. No matter how easy legends may be forgotten, it doesn't matter whether people believe in legends or not, the legend about Ma Siu Ling (played by Joey Meng) and Fong Tin Yau (played by Eric Wan) will forever be passed on, this is not only because they really existed, but because they've left behind tears, laughter, and so many unforgettable stories...

Year 2001, Siu Ling, Tin Yau and their group of friends managed to prevent world destruction, this is a legend that defeated fate. Their heroic deeds let the Earth experienced three years of peace, but then, will fate give up this easily? Year 2004, just when people think the story between Siu Ling and Tin Yau are over, fate has once again gave them the impossible mission to save the Earth...

The holy goddess Yiu Chi Shen Mo (played by Alice Chan), the last goddess in this world, have come for her lover, Fuk Hei (played by Mark Cheng). Fuk Hei is the holy god responsible for controlling the humankind. The holy goddess plots a series of plans to destroy Earth, hoping that Hei will return to her once again. However, Hei no longer loves the holy goddess, he only hopes to live a normal life with the woman he now loves. Hei is no longer the holy god, he is now an ordinary man. Jealousy filled the holy goddess, plans to destroy the Earth is on the way, is this fate? Siu Ling and Tin Yau's fate? No matter what the answer is, "fate" (played by Ruco Chan) is always in control...

After saving the world in 2001, Tin Yau and Siu Ling could have lived their happy and peaceful lives with the holy Pangu tribe, but because of the holy goddess' selfishness, she spreads the deadly Red Snow Disease all across the entire Pangu community. Using his last ditch of effort, Tin Yau sends Siu Ling back on Earth, he hopes Siu Ling can prevent the holy goddess from destroying the world. Siu Ling is sent away with such a burdensome mission, not knowing whether or not Tin Yau survived, Siu Ling can only be on her own...

Siu Ling have always believed that Tin Yau is still alive, with this faith, Siu Ling tries her best to prevent the holy goddess from succeeding. Siu Ling travelled back in time to Song Dynasty to bring Arrowhead (also played by Eric Wan), Tin Yau's past life, to 2004. Siu Ling hopes with the help from Arrowhead, they have a greater chance of defeating the holy goddess. Returning to 2004, Siu Ling also meets Yuen Ngan But Po (played by Kenneth Chan) and his sister Yuen Ngan Mo Lui (played by Pinky Cheung), the three have known each other when Siu Ling travelled back to the Song Dynasty. It turns out Po is a vampire and Lui is a heartless person, the two have lived together for hundreds of years. At this time, Siu Ling re-encounters Mo Yau (played by Teresa Mak), her childhood friend, together they work to train a group of police under the Special Duties Unit, teaching them how to deal with ghosts. A mysterious teen suddenly enter Siu Ling's life, her name is Fong Tin Ai (played by Kylie Kwok), Siu Ling's daughter from the future. Later Siu Ling is reunited with her father Ma Tai Lung (played by Tats Lau), mother Tong Kam Bo (played by Mango Wong), and brother Ma Siu Fu (played by Ricky Chan), she experienced warmth never before felt.

At this time, Tin Yau suddenly re-appeared and re-unites with Siu Ling, everything seems to be going well, however, fate has once again "played" with the two. Chang'e (played by Asuka Higuchi), the ex-lover of Hei has returned. This enlarges the hate between the holy goddess and Hei. Unwillingly, Hei returns to being the holy god controlling humankind. Chang'e brings an unknown disease that even the holy goddess is unable to rid. In the end, the holy god manages to work with the holy goddess and send Chang'e back to where she belongs, the two discovered that "fate" is the one behind all this.

Just when everyone realize their greatest enemy is "fate", the holy goddess and holy god have started their battle. Not wanting to see the world get destroyed, Tin Yau and Siu Ling decides to join the battle and stop the two gods. Just before the world is destroyed, at the time when the holy goddess is on the verge of dying, "fate" takes over her body. The holy god reveals that the mission of the Pungu tribe was to destroy "fate", everything he and the holy goddess did was to capture "fate". In the end, the group fights one last battle with the possessed holy goddess, will their power be enough to stop "fate"? Can the world be saved once again?

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