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Pinky Cheung

Traditional Chinese Name: 張文慈
Simplified Chinese Name: 张文慈
English Name: Pinky Cheung Man-Chi
Date of Birth: September 30, 1972
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Constellation: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Favorite Food: Snacks, Chocolate, Ice Cream
Favorite Colors: Light Pink, Black, White
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Wear: Short Dress, Long Pants
Favorite Actress: Cherie Chung
Favorite Singers: Leslie Cheung, Teresa Tang
Most Embarassing: Forgot Friend's Name
Most Hated: Going to unneccessary functions
Unforgettable Moment: Participating in Miss Asia Pageant
Greatest Hope: Becoming a successful actress
Started Out: Miss Asia Pageant 1996 Contestant

Notable Filmography:

ATV Broadcasted -

1997 - Forrest Cat, Fated Love
1998 - My Date With A Vampire
1999 - Flaming Brothers
2000 - My Date With A Vampire II, Showbiz Tycoon
2001 - Healing Hearts
2004 - My Date With A Vampire III, Cross Border Daddy
2005 - Go Go Daddy, Central Affairs
2006 - Central Affairs II, Hong Kong Special Cases
2008 - Mahjong
2009 - Elites in the Net of Law